Int’l Yarn Bomb Day

In celebration of International Yarn Bomb Day 

2014 Heights Yarn Bomb

Location: Travis Elementary in The Woodland Heights Houston, Texas
Description: Playground dinosaur
Timeline: Installed June 2014 / De-installed July 2014

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Watch the fun time-lapse video from our installation!



2013 Heights Yarn Bomb

Location: 1600 Heights Blvd. Houston, Texas
Description: 72 window panes, 12 top triangles, 2 columns
Timeline: Installed June 2013 / De-installed July 2013

2012 Heights Yarn Bomb

Location: Heights Hike and Bike Trail / 7th Street between Yale and Heights Blvd. Houston, Texas
Description: 44 wooden bollards covered with yarn cozies
Timeline: Installed June 2012 / De-installed July 2012