5th Anniversary Celebration of Buffalo Bayou Park

Location: Buffalo Bayou Park – Rosemont Pedestrian Bridge
Description: A magical nature-themed knitscape that celebrates Buffalo Bayou’s ecological diversity with a fun and colorful installation.
Timeline: Install October 3, 2020
Visit: Buffalo Bayou Partnership to find out more

Woodland Park – June 2017

In celebration of International Yarn Bomb Day 

Location: Woodland Park – 212 Parkview Houston, TX 77009 
Description: Wrap the park Trolley in a yarn woodland scene   
Timeline: Install June 3, 2017 / De-installed August 2017

See our Facebook page for more photos.

Buffalo Bayou – June 2015

In celebration of International Yarn Bomb Day 

Location: Buffalo Bayou – Allen Parkway at Taft St intersection 
Description: Create a yarn nature scene wonderland that incorporates the Buffalo Bayou’s Back! message.  
Timeline: Installed June 20, 2015 / De-installed August 2015 

See our Facebook page for more photos.

Travisaurus Dinosaur

In celebration of International Yarn Bomb Day 

Location: Travis Elementary in The Woodland Heights
Description: Playground dinosaur
Timeline: Installed June 2014 / De-installed July 2014

See our Facebook page for more photos.

Watch the fun time-lapse video from our installation!


Greenstreet – Downtown Houston

Location: Outdoor corridor between Mia Bella Trattoria and the House of Blues between Dallas St and Polk St in downtown Houston
Description: Approximately 135 bamboo canes incorporated into a yarn bomb composition of bare cane, cane with cuffs and sleeves.
Timeline: Installed September 2013 / De-installed December 2013


Seniors Center – Houston Multi-Services Center

Location: 170 Heights Blvd.
Description: Seniors wrapped 18 canopy columns outside their Seniors Center.
Timeline: Installed October 4 / De-installed November 2013 
The seniors worked hard on the beautification of their building! 


Halloween / Dia de los Muertos

A fun little pumpkin yarn bomb in celebration of Dia de los Muertos.

Location: Private residence
Description: Yarn and Beading
Timeline: October 2013


Texas A&M University

Location: Military Walk
Description: Assisted in a group installation of 22 light poles
Timeline: Installed March 2012 / De-installed May 2012